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Author: scully13 (talk, contrib)

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The zip file contains the DLL, the VC++ 6.0 source code and an example NSIS script for using the DLL. The script has an example of using the DLL to change the $PLUGINSDIR variable.


Version: 16/Jul/2004.

The change variable plugin was designed for changing variables outside of the script. It will change any variable listed in the header file although only some of them need to be changed using the DLL like $PLUGINSDIR. StrCpy is able to change most of the others without a problem. To read more about this plugin and why I made it go here.

Just be sure to use CallInstDLL on the change variable plugin before using any other plugins or you'll end up with some files going to a separate folder.


         SetOutPath $0
         File /oname=$0\chngvrbl.dll "${NSISDIR}\Plugins\chngvrbl.dll"
         Push $0
         Push 25 ; $TEMP
         CallInstDLL "$0\chngvrbl.dll" changeVariable
         Delete "$0\chngvrbl.dll"


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