Convert vb install script to nsis script

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Author: cube (talk, contrib)

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VB setup converter v.0.5, by Cube (cube ( a t )

A simple utility to convert vb setup packages (setup.lst) to nsi scripts. I didn't have too much time for testing, so it may be buggy, although works fine for me. If you made a patch, need some features or found a bug, contact me.

What it does

  • installs vb dlls
  • creates install and uninstall sections (with shared dll management)
  • creates shortcuts

(see readme.txt for a long todo list)

How to use it

  • unpack program into new directory
  • copy files *.nsh files to macros directory in nsis (or modify header file: header.nsi - to point to them correctly)
  • unpack vb cab into into it
  • copy setup.lst there
  • run : vbconvert.exe outfilename
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