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Author: pkp (talk, contrib)


File (Visual C++ Code (MFC)):
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Deprecated: NSIS 2.0 beta 4 - Added PageEx.

This is some quick and dirty code to implement an extra license file page.

Note: This plug-in requires the MFC runtime and is not really compatible with the NSIS page system. For other solutions and more info, check this forum topic.

How To Use

ExLicensePage::showPage "license.txt"

The program is not really customizable at this point, if you like it and want a few extra features, let me know and I'll flesh it out more. ExLicensePage expects to find the file "license.txt" in the same directory the dll is located. (plug-ins dir usually). ExLicensePage also implements cancel strangely, due to the fact that I cannot figure out a proper way of staying on the current page if cancel is pressed along with a no, it sends a message to the parent window forcing it back to the previous page.


ReserveFile "SNLicense.txt"
Page custom ExLicense
Function ExLicense
  ExLicensePage::showPage "SNLicense.txt"
Function .onInit 
  !insertmacro MUI_INSTALLOPTIONS_EXTRACT "SNLicense.txt"
  ;Without Modern UI: File /oname=$PLUGINSDIR\SNLicense.txt SNLicense.txt
Source Included, do what you want with it.


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