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Author: dandaman32 (talk, contrib)

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Exe.gif experienceui-1.3.1.exe (934 KB)
(Mostly) stable release. Officially a beta, based on the 1.11pre codebase, but fairly solid.


Version: 1.3.1 ("pretty stable" beta).

ExperienceUI for NSIS is a user interface (or UI) that uses skins as one of its main and prominent features. Also, besides having some features of the Modern UI and NSIS itself, it has:

  • 4 types of skins included in the original package: ExperienceUI Default Skin (which is like the InstallShield's®), Windows XP, and two sample skins called Orange and Modern-Blue.
  • More customizable pages to add to your installer: alternative welcome, installation confirmation and success, file copy and abort pages.
  • Patches system that can install files to the user interface's core.
  • Ability to create custom skins by changing the installer images
  • Totally skinning the user interface with other skinning plug-ins for NSIS.

Development status

As of late, the ExperienceUI has not been developed a lot. It maintains compatibility with newer NSIS releases, and gains support for compiling under UNIX systems with version 1.3.1. Most development from here on will probably be just maintenance and bugfixes, but feature suggestions are still welcomed, as are patches.


First of all, the list is too long to name completely here.

Some parts of the ExperienceUI were based on the Modern UI by Joost Verburg. While the majority of the skinning engine is original, the multiple languages, section description hover effects, and the Start Menu page were based on the Modern UI.

The computer graphic that is shown on all ExperienceUI installers (by default) was created by ZmAn3.

Afrow UK was kind enough to host the download until I could get a website started.

There are many, many freeware/opensource programs that I used to make the ExperienceUI. These include NSIS, HM NIS Edit, the GIMP, jEdit, and probably others I forget now.

License Agreement

The ExperienceUI is available under the zlib/libpng license.


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