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Author: deguix (talk, contrib)

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Utility plus its source code in "C" scripting language.

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This utility aid NSIS developers in supplying a way to to get a list of file instructions by drag & dropping files and folders to the utility's main window. Those instructions can be retrieved later copying them to the clipboard.

How To Use


Drag & Drop files and folders to the program's main window, and then copy the list to the clipboard by clicking "Copy file list". If you need to remove a file or directory entry from the list, select it, then click "Remove selected from list". After that, put the list into the NSIS scripts you desire.

File Instructions Syntax

For Files

File "%s"

(where %s is the file name with absolute path)

For Folders

File /r "%s\*.*"

(where %s is the folder name with absolute path)


This utility doesn't point correctly to the original files when the selected files are links.

SetOutPath instructions are not used by the utility. Their use in scripts is necessary in order to install files with folder structures (unless you are installing only a folder in $EXEDIR). You should consider adding them to your script manually.

Versions History

1.0 - 22/Nov/2001
  • First version.


Author: Peter Windridge (aka pjw62).


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