How can I help NSIS?

From NSIS Wiki

There are numerous ways in which you can help NSIS develop.

First and foremost, the best way to help NSIS is by developing it. You can submit patches, create plug-ins, write functions and/or write third party applications that use or help using NSIS. You can use this Wiki to publicize your work.

Another great help would be writing documentation and/or improving the existing documentation. The more quality documentation there is, the easier it would be for new users to start using NSIS and for current users to get the best out of NSIS.

Using NSIS is also helpful, we wouldn't exist without our users. Being an insightful user that reports bugs, takes part of the community and spreads the word helps NSIS even more.

Last but not least, donations, in any form (beer/food/money), are always thankfully accepted. Please contact us for delivery information or use PayPal directly.

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