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Author: Joel (talk, contrib)

Author: DannyStaple (talk, contrib)

Tutorial Contents


Welcome to Install Options (IO) 2 tutorial v2. IO, from NSIS, is a plugin that allows the programmer to add more pages in their installation, see a screenshot. There are a few changes, from the last tutorial:

  • Updated external urls.
  • Add a good example: Downloader Example.
  • Also in CHM Format: (818 KB). <-- problem, the chm doesn't link well the page when using vista, all the link goes to this kind of url res://ieframe.dll/syntax.htm#mk:@MSITStore:C:\Users\support\Downloads\Io2-tutorial\io2.chm::/example1_2.htm and the result is that there is the error "L’adresse n’est pas valide ". The other chm files works on this OS. Is this file readable ?
  • More order.

Let's begin, this is what we need:

  1. NSIS. The installer that "doesn't suck and isn't huge". Get the latest Development Snapshot in their SourceForge site.
  2. Read the Install Options !! Readme file !!.
  3. Resource Hacker !! Other resource editors!!. To edit the dialogs and put our controls on it.
  4. Patience :whistle: .

General Notes

  • We'll do a Tweak with Right and Bottom so IO uses are values in the NSIS dialog, remember the values are in dialog units.
  • Is there a lot of possibilities that doesn't match the Resource Hacker dialog editor with the final dialog with NSIS. Test and move as many times you want the controls, just re-following the steps.
  • This tutorial will show you how to put the controls in a dialog so you get the values. This tutorial will not create a INI file.

General Instructions:

  • Select a UI.
  • Make a backup file.
  • Use that backup file to open with Resource Hacker.
  • Once open, look in the dialog 105. That will be our base dialog.
  • Clean up all the objects on it, so we have space for our controls.
  • Ready? Select you Control tutorial.

If you have questions please use the Comments Section.

Visit NSIS Forum.


Nsis and Install Options, as well their logo and related, are from NSIS:

  • Original version by Michael Bishop
  • DLL version by Nullsoft, Inc.
  • DLL version 2 by Amir Szekely, ORTIM, Joost Verburg
  • New documentation by Joost Verburg
  • Original from Lobo Lunar/Joel

Links (818 KB) - If the file does not display properly read the following... For io2.chm help file to work with windows vista, 7 and some others you will need to extract the file from the archive and then right click on the file and select properties and press the UNBLOCK button. Then the file will display properly.

Version History

!! Out of date - maybe deprecate it in favour of the wiki page history later? !!

Explained how to make the io2.chm file work on vista and others.
Changed URL and server.
External links updated.
Added an Install Options example: Downloader.
New web site address...Cool host... for me :P
Changed download URL. You can download it in CHM and/or ZIP (html files). Added the "Link" tutorial. (Cool and easy as "Label")
Changed download URL.

Thanks and sorry!

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