Installer without icon resource

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This is a "HowTo" to create an Installer that has no icon resource.

Why that?

  • Because you might want to let your User's System decide what icon to show, see this forumthread: [1]
  • Because the Icon Resource adds additional overhead to any installer using it

How do I do that?

You'll find the easiest known method on the second page of the forumthread, but i'll post it here again:

First, download and install Resource Hacker [2] to your system.

Then add this compile time command line at the end of your .nsi script:

 !packhdr "exehead.tmp" '"C:\Program Files\ResHack\ResHacker.exe" -delete exehead.tmp, exehead.tmp, icongroup,103,'

Of course you may need to adjust the path you installed Resource Hacker to.

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