NSIS Form Designer

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Author: kaju74mh (talk, contrib)


For more information and download links visit the homepage.

Homepage nicht erreichbar. (01.10.2008) / Homepage isn't online. (01.10.2008)

Downloadlinks der letzten veröffentlichten Version (1.0.3) / Downloadlinks of the last published Version (1.0.3):

Mirror 1 oder / or Mirror 2


NSIS Form Designer helps you creating custom forms by generating the necessary sourcecode on-the-fly.

  • Multilanguage GUI;
  • Automatic sourcecode generation;
  • Advanced property editors;
  • Cut/Copy/Paste between multiple instances;
  • Runtime Testmode (simulates component's runtime-behaviour);
  • ObjectInspector - for property changes in a snap.
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