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Author: Red Wine (talk, contrib)


  • I copy here my last post from the forum.

I think the point is a research based on this:
Anything is possible. You just need to find a way to do it with the tools available. Just give it a good thinking.
Besides the fact that there is not uncracked software on the market, (even if they implement expensive protection schemes), the control of the usage on more than one machines, could be done only by a kind of an activation scheme. Any other protection is stuck on the local machine. The installer is not the "end user's software", is just the container, so the reasonable solution should be a kind of "user name-serial number" protection. Though, stick in "find a way to do it with the tools available", just carry out an experiment. An installer who counts the run times and expires after n times. No doubt that every user on this forum could easily break that scheme. Moreover, who really needs something like this? I think as a subject matter, has a point. With the tools available this is what I can do. In fact all the job is dependent on decrypt dll. And here comes where I end up. Download it and try it if you like. Probably, I'll post the code on wiki for reference.
P.S. even a system snapshot before/after is enough to break it.

  • Applies to NSIS 2.15

The Installer

!addplugindir 'plugin'  ; DcryptDll.dll makes all the job
!define guid '{8FA2807E-44D9-4A62-B399-D34D77EFFB91}'   ; fake not really needed
!define guid1 '{AE85911F-DCE0-4FF3-A771-3EEECBE831EC}'  ; also fake
outfile 'test.04.exe'
showinstdetails show
function .onInit  ; check if software is installed on this machine
SetShellVarContext all
ReadIniStr '$R1' '$WINDIR\decoder.dat' 'decode' 'mp3'
StrCmp '$R1' '' +1 +7
ReadRegStr '$R2' HKLM 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\encoder.exe' 'guid'
StrCmp '$R2' '' +1 +5
ReadRegStr '$R3' HKLM 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\decoder.exe' 'guid'
StrCmp '$R3' '' +1 +3
ReadIniStr '$R1' '$APPDATA\Microsoft\Media Player\encoder.dat' 'decode' 'mp3'
StrCmp '$R1' '' _notInstalled +1
IfFileExists '$SYSDIR\install.dat' _validate _nofile
_nofile: ; case is installed but missing install.dat
MessageBox MB_OK|MB_ICONSTOP 'Required file missing'
_notInstalled: ; see if really not installed check our secret record
ReadRegStr '$R2' HKLM 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\IEXPLORE.EXE' 'checksum'
strcmp '$R2' '' +3
messagebox mb_ok|mb_iconstop 'Hacked installation'
call notInstalled
call validate
section -
DetailPrint 'counter is $R0'
strcmp $R0 '3' +1 +3
DetailPrint 'last run for this installation'
goto +2
DetailPrint 'you may proceed now'
function notInstalled ; prepare a file that hold md5 checksum for counter's value
GetTempFileName $1
WriteIniStr '$1' 'decode' 'mp3' '1'
Rename $1 '$WINDIR\decoder.dat'
SetFileAttributes '$WINDIR\decoder.dat' HIDDEN
GetTempFileName $1  ; prepare the file that hold the counter and encrypt
WriteIniStr '$1' 'INSTALL' 'counter' '0'
DcryptDll::HexEncoder "FF" "$1" "$SYSDIR\install.dat" "--End--"
Delete $1
SetFileAttributes '$SYSDIR\install.dat' HIDDEN
GetTempFileName $1 ; decrypt counter and read value
DcryptDll::HexDecoder "FF" "$SYSDIR\install.dat" "$1" "--End--"
ReadIniStr $R0 "$1" 'INSTALL' 'counter'
Delete $1
DcryptDll::MD5Hash "SS" "$R0" "--End--"  ; create md5 checksum for value
 pop $4
 pop $5
    ; write checksum to holder and copy to other place
WriteIniStr '$WINDIR\decoder.dat' 'decode' 'format' '$5'
CopyFiles /SILENT '$WINDIR\decoder.dat' '$APPDATA\Microsoft\Media Player\encoder.dat'
SetFileAttributes '$APPDATA\Microsoft\Media Player\encoder.dat' HIDDEN
    ; write some reg check points
WriteRegStr HKLM 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\encoder.exe' '' ''
WriteRegStr HKLM 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\encoder.exe' 'guid' '${guid}'
WriteRegStr HKLM 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\decoder.exe' '' ''
WriteRegStr HKLM 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\decoder.exe' 'guid' '${guid1}'
Function validate ; decrypt counter and read value
GetTempFileName $1
DcryptDll::HexDecoder "FF" "$SYSDIR\install.dat" "$1" "--End--"
ReadIniStr $R0 "$1" 'INSTALL' 'counter'
DcryptDll::MD5Hash "SS" "$R0" "--End--"      ; create md5 checksum for value
 pop $4
 pop $5
           ; check points
ReadIniStr '$R1' '$APPDATA\Microsoft\Media Player\encoder.dat' 'decode' 'format'
strcmp '$R1' '$5' +1 _hacked
ReadIniStr '$R1' '$WINDIR\decoder.dat' 'decode' 'format'
strcmp '$R1' '$5' _prevalid _hacked
messagebox mb_ok|mb_iconstop 'Hacked installation'
Delete $1
_prevalid: ; one more check point to our secret record
IntCmp '$R0' '2' _valid _valid +1
ReadRegStr '$R2' HKLM 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\IEXPLORE.EXE' 'checksum'
strcmp '$R2' '$5' _valid _stop
Intcmp $R0 '2' +1 +1 _stop
Intop $R0 $R0 + 1
WriteIniStr "$1" 'INSTALL' 'counter' '$R0'
DcryptDll::MD5Hash "SS" "$R0" "--End--"
 pop $4
 pop $5
          ; in case we are captured on first run...
IntCmp '$R0' '2' +1 +2 +1 ; create the secret record after first run
WriteRegStr HKLM 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\IEXPLORE.EXE' 'checksum' '$5'
WriteIniStr '$APPDATA\Microsoft\Media Player\encoder.dat' 'decode' 'format' '$5'
WriteIniStr '$WINDIR\decoder.dat' 'decode' 'format' '$5'
Delete "$SYSDIR\install.dat"
DcryptDll::HexEncoder "FF" "$1" "$SYSDIR\install.dat" "--End--"
SetFileAttributes '$SYSDIR\install.dat' HIDDEN
Delete $1
goto _end
messagebox mb_ok|mb_iconstop 'Installation expired'
Delete $1


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