NSIS Workbench

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Author: sunjammer (talk, contrib)


For more information and download see: http://www.techmarc.co.uk/fnsis.htm


NSIS Workbench is an editor for NSIS scripts. It's still a good text editor for script, but it has not been updated for more than a year, so the features like the project wizard and context help are not compatible with recent NSIS versions.

  • slick interface
  • new project wizard (very nice)
  • messagebox wizard
  • syntax highlighting
  • code completion
  • context help
  • helpers
  • code snippets.
  • invoke the compiler on your .nsi file
  • captures compiler output
  • user maintainable context sensitive nsis help
  • block tab indent/unindent
  • search & replace including regular expressions
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