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Author: VWare (talk, contrib)


Zip.gif NSIScript.zip (? KB)


Version: 1.0.

NSIScript is meant for people wanting to write installer scripts for the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. It features syntax highlighting for all currently supported commands of NSIS, insertion of new sections and Modern UI code. You can also compile your script directly out of the editor, as well as test the created installer.

Of course, all text editing standard features are available to the scripter, as well as line numbering and a few other extras.

Currently, the download of version 1.0 is not available. The preview shows version 2.0, with tabbed editing. It is still in development, but is planned to be released soon, and customized for NSIS 2.03.

A release will be announced on this page. Find more information: VWare homepage

A little preview: nsiscriptpreview.gif

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