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Author: Saivert (talk, contrib)


Download zip or 7z archive with script and pre-compiled example here: (46 KB)
NonObligatoricPages.7z (40 KB)


Demonstrates how to present a menu to the wizard pages so people don't have to click Next so many times if they only are going to accept the defaults anyway. I'm also one of those who blindly clicks (usually) Next button until installer actually extracts files and such.


I call this script NonObligatoricPages as it hides obligatoric pages. I also only made this script with Modern UI as this is the interface most installers will use anyway. You shouldn't have too much trouble adapting it to the classic user interface.

LogicLib header file was used as it is a great library which simplifies script writing a great deal.

The hope is to integrate NonObligatoricPages with the Modern UI macros so one can define something and this will be compiled in.

Another idea I have is to integrate the NonObligatoricPages page with the Welcome page so you get the buttons below the welcome text.

Maybe use the Link control instead of the buttons so it fits.

The License page is also made optional in this example, but you can replace this with something else (readme type License Page or perhaps your own IO page).

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