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Author: PerditionC (talk, contrib)


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plgntester - NSIS Plugin Tester v0.01

This is a command line program that can be used to invoke a NSIS plugin. It supports passing any string variable on the stack, setting any of the standard variables (user defined variables are unsupported), and can invoke any specified function in given plugin.


plgnTester.exe [options] plugin function {/VAR # str} [args]

Currently the only options available determine the output. /silent limits output to that displayed by the plugin /nogui prevents the mock NSIS installation listview dialog /debug displays the contents of the stack and registers before and after the plugin function is invoked.

Plugin is the name of the plugin (or dll) to load, passed asis to LoadLibrary, so one can omit the .dll and normal path search should be done, but if in the NSIS plugin directory, you will need to explicitly provide its path. An error message is returned if failed to load.

Function is the name of the exported function to invoke. It should be exactly as exported, which should match the name used in a NSIS script. An error message is returned if function is not found or other error obtaining its procedure address.

Any number (as permitted by the command line) of /VAR # str sequences can be included (and in any location on cmd line). /VAR marks the start of setting a variable. # is 0-24,
where 0-9 correspond to NSIS variables $0-$9,
and 10-19 correspond to NSIS variables $R0-$R9.

The remaining arguments (if any) are the strings pushed onto the stack and passed to the plugin. Strings are pushed on the stack in opposite order from command line. That is, pass arguments on the command line in same order as if you were invoking the plugin from a NSIS script (calling order, which should match order plugin pops them).

This is primarily meant as a debugging tool, so should be modified if necessary to the plugin being tested, but should work as it is for some. When using a debugger, one should compile it with debugging information and the plugin with debug information, then one can step through them both and/or set break points. Only the input stack and variables and then output stack and variables are shown. When /nogui option is specified, NULL is passed for the HWND as no window is created.


Please send bug reports, suggestions, etc. to jeremyd --at--

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