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NSIS 2.45 Application Walker

       The app walker will create output to be used in .nsh includes for
   the NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System).  The .nsh files can then be
   included in the install and un-install sections.
   Mode 1:  creates the install lines
   Mode 2:  creates the uninstall lines, This tool was made by Josh Lee, Copyright 2004-2009

USAGE Examples

       app_walker directory [silent] (mode 0 defaluts, output to screen)
       app_walker -d{directory} -m1 > my_uninstall.nsh

app_walker -dNSIS -m1 > C:\installer\uninstall.nsh (scanned the alpha9 directory)

   OUTPUT: scanned directory NSIS created file C:\installer\uninstall.nsh

app_walker alpha9 -oalpha9 -F (scanned the alpha9 directory)

   OUTPUT: alpha9_install.nsh, alpha9_uninstall.nsh

app_walker -obeta10 -F (scanned the beta10 directory)

   OUTPUT: beta10_install.nsh, beta10_uninstall.nsh


 -h, --help            show this help message and exit
 -D, --debug           Enable debugging
 -A, --all             Run all modes, over-rides -m, outputs to a file and
                       will auto-select name if not provided.
 -d DIRECTORY, --directory=DIRECTORY
                       The folder to walk
 -f, --force           Force Remove (for Uninstall mode)
 -i, --iterate         Only itterate, non-recursive
 -m MODE, --mode=MODE  0=Install (default), 1=Uninstall
 -o OUTFILE, --outfile=OUTFILE
                       Output filename only specify a file name a suffix and
                       extension are automatically added.
 -s, --silent          Do not print anything, even errors.
 -V INSTVAR, --instvar=INSTVAR
                       Install variable (default $INSTDIR\)


Main Program


Project Manager (File Load equivalent)


Generator Program (Console.exe can do this from the shell)


Built in Debugger

 Command: PyTis_NSIS_Walker.exe -dJailbreak_alpha10 -m1 -f -D -oAlpha10 -V$UNINSTALL_PATH\${CUSTOM}
 ; ==============================================================================
 ; ============================== DEBUGING ==============================
 ;Directory passed with argument:   C:\Users\jlee\Documents\NSIS2\JB\Jailbreak_alpha10
 ;Directory passed in sys args:     False
 ;Install Variable:                 $UNINSTALL_PATH\${CUSTOM}
 ;Directory:                        C:\Users\jlee\Documents\NSIS2\JB\Jailbreak_alpha10
 ;Recursive:                        True
 ;Silent:                           False
 ;Mode:                             UNINSTALL
 ;OutFile:                          Alpha10_uninstall.nsh
 ; ==============================================================================


Download Link:
Now it is too big to upload here. Now it has a gui-wrapper, and more functionality. The Console version is also still there with a few bug fixes.

Forum thread


Version: 2.0
Updated for NSIS version: 2.4.5

Program generates lines such as:

       ;- Localization\        
       CreateDirectory "$INSTVAR\Localization\DEU"
       SetOutPath "$INSTVAR\Localization\DEU"
       File "Localization\DEU\Jailbreak.deu"
       Delete "$INSTVAR\Maps\JB-Pagoda.ut3"
       RmDir "$INSTVAR\Localization"

Is designed to be used from the command line, but may be used by double clicking on, and it will open a command prompt.

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