SectionGetFlags Basic Example

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Author: l_d_allan (talk, contrib)


Simple example for nsis newbies of using SectionGetFlags.

There is another example involving custom pages being shown based on SectionGetFlags at:
Show custom page when a section has been selected

The Script

!include "Sections.nsh"
Name "SectionGetFlags"
OutFile "section_get_flags.exe"
Page components ; will get warning because no instfiles page
# This is the first section which has index=0
Section "!Required Read-only Bold" SectionZero
  SectionIn RO
# This is the second section which has index=1
Section /o "Section Index One to show MsgBox" ControlsMsgBoxSection
# This section does not have a section_index_output id,
#   so it can be examined below with SectionGetFlags 2 $SectionVar
Section /o !Optional "Section Index Two"
Function .onInstSuccess
  # Get flags of second section (which is index #1) into register $0
  SectionGetFlags ${ControlsMsgBoxSection} $0
  # Get flags of third section (which is index #2) into register $1
  SectionGetFlags 2 $1
  # Just show what the contents of the registers $0 and $1
  # and section.nsh values
  MessageBox MB_OK "Reg-Zero: $0 $\r$\n \
                    SfSelected: ${SF_SELECTED} $\r$\n \
                    Reg-One: $1 $\r$\n \
                    SfBold:  ${SF_BOLD}"
  # Do a binary AND of $0 and SF_SELECTED and put results in $0
  IntOp $0 $0 & ${SF_SELECTED}
  # Register $0 has results of GetSectionFlags of 2nd section
  #   being AND'ed with SF_SELECTED. It will be either 0 or SF_SELECTED.
  # Check whether second section was selected
  IntCmp $0 ${SF_SELECTED} ShowMessageBox PastShowMessageBox
    # Check whether third section is shown in bold and put results in $1
    IntOp $1 $1 & ${SF_BOLD}
    MessageBox MB_OK "Section selected$\r$\n \
                      Is 2nd section bold?: $1"
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