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Author: dandaman32 (talk, contrib)


This function searches and replaces all occurrences of a substring in a string.

How To Use

Usage / Syntax

${StrRep} '$0' 'C:\Documents and Settings\Dan\Desktop\PSCP Frontend.exe' '\' '\\'
MessageBox MB_OK $0 ; will be C:\\Documents and Settings\\Dan\\Desktop\\PSCP Frontend.exe


${StrRep} "$result_var" "String" "SubString" "RepString"

Variable where resulting operation of the replacement is returned. If SubString is not found, the value is the same as String.
String where to search for SubString.
String to search in String and to be replaced by RepString.
String to replace all occurrences of SubString inside String.


${StrRep} $0 "This is just an example" "just " ""
;$0 = "This is an example"

Function Code

!define StrRep "!insertmacro StrRep"
!macro StrRep output string old new
    Push `${string}`
    Push `${old}`
    Push `${new}`
    !ifdef __UNINSTALL__
        Call un.StrRep
        Call StrRep
    Pop ${output}
!macro Func_StrRep un
    Function ${un}StrRep
        Exch $R2 ;new
        Exch 1
        Exch $R1 ;old
        Exch 2
        Exch $R0 ;string
        Push $R3
        Push $R4
        Push $R5
        Push $R6
        Push $R7
        Push $R8
        Push $R9
        StrCpy $R3 0
        StrLen $R4 $R1
        StrLen $R6 $R0
        StrLen $R9 $R2
            StrCpy $R5 $R0 $R4 $R3
            StrCmp $R5 $R1 found
            StrCmp $R3 $R6 done
            IntOp $R3 $R3 + 1 ;move offset by 1 to check the next character
            Goto loop
            StrCpy $R5 $R0 $R3
            IntOp $R8 $R3 + $R4
            StrCpy $R7 $R0 "" $R8
            StrCpy $R0 $R5$R2$R7
            StrLen $R6 $R0
            IntOp $R3 $R3 + $R9 ;move offset by length of the replacement string
            Goto loop
        Pop $R9
        Pop $R8
        Pop $R7
        Pop $R6
        Pop $R5
        Pop $R4
        Pop $R3
        Push $R0
        Push $R1
        Pop $R0
        Pop $R1
        Pop $R0
        Pop $R2
        Exch $R1
!insertmacro Func_StrRep ""
!insertmacro Func_StrRep "un."

Versions History

4.0 - updated by Marshall
Replaced superfluos extra variables with standard registers
Fixed infinite loop bug where replacement string contained the string-to-replace
Structured for installer/uninstaller versions
Changed macro parameter order to be more intuitive
3.0.1 - updated by Dan Fuhry
Fixed bug where macro pushed strings in the wrong order
3.0 - updated by Dan Fuhry
Uses less code and doesn't depend on LogicLib
Changed macro syntax to work like the PHP eqivalent
2.0.1 - updated by Diego Pedroso
Fixed stack problems


Version 4.0 - Marshall (Marshall).
Version 3.x - Dan Fuhry (dandaman32).
Version 2.x - Diego Pedroso (deguix).
Version 1.x - Afrow UK / Diego Pedroso (deguix).
Version 1.0 - Hendri Adriaens (Smile2Me)

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