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I guess there is bug in the CrystalReport.Windows.form.dll since when it gets loaded on the other computer then. It gives the error message stating that Could not find the keycodeV2.dll. And this exception is raised by CrystalReport.Windows.form.dll assemblies, whereas the keycodeV2.dll is already presented in the folder of C:\Program files\Common Files\CrystalReport\1.0\bin\. I had also copied the same keycode file working .exe folder. But the same error is there. The keycodeV2.dll should be included into the CrystalReport.Windows.forms.dll assemblies.

Kindly reply on

This is not the place to report bugs. As the page says, use the bug tracker to report bugs. Use the forum for scripting question. In this, you need the forum as Crystal Reports is not part of NSIS.

cant extract

nsis 2.46 Output folder: C:\Users\MY\Desktop Extract: Extra.dll Extract: Ins.dll Extract: Instructions.txt... 100% Can't write: C:\Users\MY\Desktop\Shadowgun Deadzone Hack Tool v2.0.exe

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