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Author: darthvader (talk, contrib)

Uninstallation of files from log

This script is meant for people who use the NSIS special builds which log everything during installation and saves the log in $INSTDIR. Download this file which contains the functions to be called during uninstallation

Unzip uninstallfromlog.nsh and Include it in the main script uninstallfromlog.zip (1 KB)

Install Section:

During Installation have the LogSet commands to log the files being copied.

For e.g

LogSet On
   File ....
LogSet Off

Uninstall Section:

Have the following in the Uninstall Section.

Section Uninstall
Call un.CreateLogFromFile
Call un.RemoveDirectoriesFromLog

Link to the Winamp.com Forums Uninstall from log

Hope this script helps. Any suggestions, modifications are welcome

Thanks to all the people who wrote StrLoc, Reversal of File functions

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