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Plugins (oldest to newest)

SysRestore plug-in.
CustomLicense plug-in. Superseded by NsRichEdit plug-in.
SimpleBg plug-in.
SpiderBanner plug-in.
WimImage plug-in.
EnVar plug-in.


InstallSpiderUI User Interface.
Sharing functions between Installer and Uninstaller Code Example.
Getting the 'My Documents' folder for all users System Function.

Downloads contains general functions and macros. Documentation is included in the header.

1. (3 KB)

An abort to finish header based on the script of the same name by Afrow UK.

2. (79 KB)

NSIS Big Installer Project

This project is aimed at adding support for installers over 2GB.

Based on SourceForge:

Created by Jason Ross (JasonFriday13)

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