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Re: Deleting older file versions

You shouldn't use multiple names for files just because versions change. Instead, follow the two rules for the wiki on Help:Tips_&_Rules#Files. I might not be forcing it now, but it makes the wiki more organized.

"Hi deguix. After uploading a new file, how do I delete its older version uploaded earlier. I've got three versions of a plugin uploaded, and the two older ones could be deleted now. Afrow UK"

Thx. I'll delete them.

-- deguix 09:08, 13 Jul 2005 (PDT) Hi there! The script does not remove the uninstaller itself, shouldn't the macro ${WriteUninstaller} take into an account OUTDIR when writing to a file?
; WriteUninstaller macro
!macro WriteUninstaller Path
WriteUninstaller "${Path}"
FileWrite $UninstLog "$OUTDIR\${Path}$\r$\n"
!define WriteUninstaller "!insertmacro WriteUninstaller"

Silent install

The password dialogues can easily be bypassed with /S switch (used for silent install).

Please suggest any fix / woraround for it.

Version problems

Is it possible that there are some files missing inside the Zip file? Cause I cannot successful compile the dll.

Enumerate processes on x64 win 2008

Hi Afrow UK!

Thanks for this plugin first of all. I'm trying to detect mysqld path. mysqld runs as a windows service and is owned by SYSTEM - the plugin will not display it. The plugin displays only Administrator owned processes (running the installer as administrator)

Struggling to find any other solution...


OK I've figured it out------

added calls to enable debug priviledges and it started to work:

NSISFUNC(EnumProcesses) {

 if (!EnableDebugPriv())

..... }

same for function to get a process full path

let me know if anybody needs a compiled DLL


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