When I use ExecWait, it doesn't wait?

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Some installers, including the NSIS uninstaller, extract another executable, execute it and immediately exit. ExecWait waits only for the first installer, but since that installer exits after executing the sub-installer, ExecWait can't wait on the sub-installer. The result is an executed installer which ExecWait doesn't wait for.

To get around this problem, the executed installer must be told to wait for the sub-installer or simply do the work itself. That can usually be done using some command line switches. For example, passing /SMS on the command line of InstallShield installers disables this behavior.

A very extensive list of available command line switches for common installers is available from Unattended.

Within a Windows batch file, to wait for the installer to complete, use the start command with the /wait flag: eg, "start /wait installer.exe"

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