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Author: DrO (talk, contrib)



dummy plugin (0 byte file)

compiled version of the script


This is an altered version of the example Winamp plugin installer which makes it easier to generate the installer by altering a few defines for the version, name, plugin file, etc. As well, when run it will automatically close Winamp and on a successful install will give you the choice of to run Winamp with the new plugin or not.

The script is provided as is and I've added a few notes on how the script can be expanded to deal with multiple sections or making it easy to manage your different installer versions. I've also included a test installer of the script and a dummy gen_* file to build it with (the file has no size so it won't cause an problems for Winamp).

Things To Be Done

I will be adding an advanced version of this script soon which adds in an uninstaller, multiple sections and also a 'previous install' option for when the installer is run multiple times.

When you try to run this script in NSIS do not forget to change default plugin name to the actual name of your plugin in this line:

!define PLUG_FILE "gen_fill_me_in"

for example, your plugin is called "gen_my_plugin" so you`ll change the script to

!define PLUG_FILE "gen_my_plugin"

The Script

; This script generates an installer for a Winamp 2.x / 5.x plug-in.
; The installer will automatically close Winamp if it's running and then if
; successful, ask the user whether or not they would like to run Winamp with
; the newly installed plug-in.
; This is a single section installer but is easily altered for multiple
; sections and is based of the original Winamp installer script but tweaked
; to be easier to use i think :o)
; Header Files
; not used in this case but handy when scaling up to multiple sections
; !include "Sections.nsh"
; common defines for a generic DrO installer :o)
!define VERSION "1.0"
!define ALT_VER "1_0"
!define PLUG "Fill Me In"
!define PLUG_ALT "Fill_Me_In"
!define PLUG_FILE "gen_fill_me_in"
; use lzma compression
SetCompressor lzma
; The name of the installer based on the filename and version
Name "${PLUG} v${VERSION}"
; The file to write based on the filename and version
OutFile "${PLUG_ALT}_v${ALT_VER}.exe"
; you could alter it to output you plugin installers into a common location
; to make it easier to maintain them
; OutFile "../_Installers/${PLUG_ALT}_v${ALT_VER}.exe"
; The default installation directory
InstallDir $PROGRAMFILES\Winamp
InstProgressFlags smooth
; detect Winamp path from uninstall string if available
InstallDirRegKey HKLM \
          "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Winamp" \
; The text to prompt the user to enter a directory
DirText "Please select your Winamp path below (you will be able to proceed \
         when Winamp is detected):"
; automatically close the installer when done.
AutoCloseWindow true
; adds xp style support
XPStyle on
; hide the "show details" box
ShowInstDetails nevershow
PageEx directory
Caption " "
; enable this line if you have extra sections and want to choose what's
; installed
;Page components
Page instfiles
; CloseWinamp: this will in a loop send the Winamp window the WM_CLOSE
; message until it does not find a valid Winamp window
; (should really protect against Winamp failing to exit!)
Function CloseWinamp
  Push $5
    FindWindow $5 "Winamp v1.x"
    IntCmp $5 0 done
    SendMessage $5 16 0 0
    Sleep 100
    Goto loop
  Pop $5
; The stuff to install
Section ""
  ; attempt to close Winamp if it's running
  Call CloseWinamp
  ; add a small delay to allow any file operations to happen once Winamp
  ; is closed
  Sleep 100
  SetOverwrite on
  SetOutPath "$INSTDIR\Plugins"
  ; File to extract
  File "${PLUG_FILE}.dll"
  ; if you're script is in the project folder then the following file path is
  ; likely to apply otherwise just alter the path as needed
  ; File "Release\${PLUG_FILE}.dll"
  SetOverwrite off
; Success, now prompt the user if they want to run Winamp again
Function .onInstSuccess
  MessageBox MB_YESNO \
             '${PLUG} was installed. Do you want to run Winamp now?' \
	 IDNO end
    ExecShell open "$INSTDIR\Winamp.exe"
; here we check to see if this a valid location ie is there a Winamp.exe
; in the directory?
Function .onVerifyInstDir
  ;Check for Winamp installation
  IfFileExists $INSTDIR\Winamp.exe Good
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