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== Website ==
== NSIS Plugins (Supported) ==
== NSIS Plugins (Supported) ==
:<attach>NsArray.zip</attach> [http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=330425 Forum topic]<br />
:<attach>NsArray.zip</attach> [http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=330425 Forum topic]<br />

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NSIS Plugins (Supported)

NsArray.zip (49 KB) Forum topic
Supports any number of named dynamic arrays, indexed or hashed arrays, value getting, setting, insertion, removal, copying, joining and sorting (via quick sort algo.).

NsRichEdit.zip (28 KB) Plugin page Forum topic
Provides loading of text from a file into a RichEdit control, printing of a RichEdit control and addition of a Print button to the NSIS license pages.

Aero.zip (48 KB) Plugin page Forum topic
Enables Windows Aero glass effect on NSIS UI.

LockedList.zip (92 KB) Plugin page Forum topic
An NSIS plugin to display or get a list of programs that are locking a selection of files that have to be uninstalled or overwritten.

NsExpr.zip (28 KB) Plugin page Forum topic
A small plug-in that evaluates Boolean and mathematical expressions.

ButtonEvent.zip (28 KB) Plugin page Forum topic
A plug-in that allows NSIS coders to add a custom button and tie a NSIS function to it.

GetVersion.zip (34 KB) Plugin page Forum topic
A plug-in that gets Windows version information (name, type, version, server name, service pack, service pack build).

  • Unicode builds are included in all downloads.
  • I have written many other plug-ins in the past, but these plug-ins above are the only plug-ins I now use or maintain.
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