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Modern User Interface

NSIS 2 includes a new Modern UI, like the wizards of recent Windows version. This new interface has a lot of features to make your installer more user friendly and can be customed with your own graphics. See the screenshots...

Multiple languages

With the new language files and strings, you can include multiple languages in one installer. More than 35 translations are already available.

Easy plug-in system

Using plug-ins has never been easier. For example, downloading a file only requires a single line of code.

New wizard page system

The new page system allows you to add new wizard pages with custom elements. You can also display or skip steps of the wizard based on user input.

LZMA compression

The new LZMA compression method often gives 20% better results than the BZip2 compression method.

Named user variables

You can declare as many names variables as you want, like $MYVAR.

Customizable user interface

The complete dialogs of the interface can be customized, colors and backgrounds can be changed, graphics can be added and more...


See NSIS 2.0 release notes and the complete changelog.

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