Bug Reports

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Bug reports can be posted in the bug tracker.

Before submitting a bug, please verify that there are no open bugs with the same report. Also, please check the latest change log to see if the bug may have been fixed recently.

Please include the following in the report:

  1. Version of NSIS you are using
  2. Error message you get if any
  3. A script that reproduces this bug if acceptable
  4. A screen shot if something is wrong with the user interface

IMPORTANT: If you have no SourceForge account or if you are not logged in, ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR E- MAIL ADDRESS. We usually need feedback to be able to solve problems. Please check your bug report for questions from the developers at least once every two days.

If Icon, CheckBitmap, InstallColors or any other command doesn't work for you using the Modern UI go read the Modern UI documentation before you post a bug report.

If you are using the latest release, make sure you are not using code from the forums or another source that applies to the latest development version.

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