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Author: CancerFace (talk, contrib)

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This example demonstrates how to add more icons to an installer and then call and display them on some part of the installer.




Create a file called 'header.cmd' and place it inside your project directory. This file should contain the following:

@echo off
"%ProgramFiles%\Resource Hacker\ResHacker.exe" -add "%TEMP%\exehead.dat", "%TEMP%\exehead.dat", "%~dps0icons\SomeIcon.ico" , ICONGROUP,101,
upx --best --compress-icons=0 "%TEMP%\exehead.dat"

The above will add an icon called SomeIcon.ico located in a subfolder called icons within your project's folder to the header of the installer and then will compress the header using UPX

In order to add the extra icon to the header of the installer use inside your NSIS script the following:

!packhdr "$%TEMP%\exehead.dat" 'header.cmd'

The icon can be loaded and displayed now by using the following code:

!define LR_SHARED	0x8000
!define IMAGE_ICON	1
# Get a handle for some window on $R1 and some field on that window on $R2 (define those somewhere)
FindWindow $R1 "#32770" "" $HWNDPARENT
StrCpy $R2 1239
GetDlgItem $0 $R1 $R2
System::Call 'kernel32::GetModuleFileNameA(i 0, t .R0, i 1024) i r1'
System::Call 'kernel32::GetModuleHandleA(t R0)i .r2'
System::Call 'user32::LoadImage(i r2, i 101, i ${IMAGE_ICON}, , , i ${LR_SHARED}) i.R0'
SendMessage $0 ${STM_SETICON} $R0 0

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