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Author: sag47 (talk, contrib)

Autorun.inf Generator Download

Download Autorun.inf Generator: Download Link

Reference Links

These links were used in the creation of this Autorun.inf generator as research and accuracy of information.

About the Generator

This small piece of software is free and was created by Sam Gleske. Full source provided with download.

What can this be used for?
Autorun.inf is traditionally in the root of a CD or DVD. But since Windows XP SP2 and later they can now be used for removable mass storage devices (i.e. flash drives or external harddrives).

So this can also be placed in the root of your flash drive (and hide it). By doing this you can give your flash drive your own custom little icon.

This leaves less thinking and research for you and more thinking to the generator! Just fill in the form and click generate!

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