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This built-in plugin allows you to download files via HTTP.


To find out whether your NSIS installation supports NSISdl, just compile a script. If NSISdl is listed in the compiler log, it is supported.

 Processing config: 
 Processing plugin dlls: "C:\Program Files\NSIS\Plugins\*.dll"
  - AdvSplash::show
  - Banner::destroy
  - Banner::getWindow
  - NSISdl::download
  - NSISdl::download_quiet

Standard usage instructions

There are two methods. The first downloads the file:

 NSISdl::download http://download.nullsoft.com/winamp/client/winamp291_lite.exe $0

And the second downloads it without warnings:

 NSISdl::download_quiet http://download.nullsoft.com/winamp/client/winamp291_lite.exe $0

where $0 is the name of the local file.

For further usage instructions see Docs\NSISdl\ReadMe.txt, NSISdl deletes file(s) when offline, NSISdl macro system.

Limitations and warnings

  • Has a verified risk of causing a false positive for "generic downloader trojan" in Kasperky antivirus software.

Header file with various translations

Deguix has made a NSISdl header file which features various translations.

So far it has been translated into eight languages:

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Lithuanian
  • German
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Croatian
  • French

For further information and current version visit this thread: Forum-Thread

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