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Author: Mrinches (talk, contrib)

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Plugin/Suite to support installations that span multiple source media e.g. floppy disks or CD-ROMs/DVDs.

Allows compressed data files to span multiple media and supports installation from a temporary copy of the installer on the target computer's local hard drive. This temporary installer can be removed automatically once installation is complete.

See CABSetup.txt in the archive for details and instructions on how to use the suite.

  • Version - 7 June 2006

Interim release, mainly bug fixes.

  • Version - 3 October 2006

Major release, includes progress bar and support for setting section sizes to include size of files in dataset.

  • Version - 12 December 2006

Major release, includes ability to cancel extraction of a dataset, support for showing the extraction rate and estimated completion time, resuming of partially extracted dataset.

  • Version - 2 June 2008

Minor release. Fixed bug causing crashes on Vista with installers using Extract.

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