CRCCheck plug-in

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Author: SpiderVenom (talk, contrib)

Links (13 KB) NSIS & Unicode NSIS versions


Version: 1.3.

A small (3KB) plugin that generates a standard ZIP CRC32 for any file you pass it:


CRCCheck::GenCRC "$SYSDIR\explorer.exe"
Pop $R1
MessageBox MB_OK $R1
This gives you a CRC for the windows explorer executable. If a CRC can not be generated, you get "0" in $R1. Specific error reporting will come soon.

Written in VC++ 7, it reuses the CRC code from VPatch, with a few tweaks.

Just extract to your NSIS dir (with folder names), and everything will go in the right place. Check \Contrib\CRCCheck\Readme.txt for more info.

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