CallAnsiPlugin plug-in

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Author: Anders (talk, contrib)

Plugin Info

  • Version: 0.2
  • Type: Runtime plugin
  • Minimum OS: NT4
  • Minimum NSIS Version: 2.4x (Unicode)
  • License: zlib/libpng
  • Download: (4 KB)


This plugin allows you to call a ansi plugin in a unicode installer. If the ansi plugin path starts with "*", the ansi plugin will not be unloaded (/NOUNLOAD emulation)

The syntax is CallAnsiPlugin::Call <[*]pluginpath> <function> <parameter count> [parameters]

If you have problems using this plugin, report back on the talk page or the forum.


InitPluginsDir ;make sure we have $pluginsdir
File "/ONAME=$pluginsdir\dumpstate.dll" "dumpstate.dll" ;you must extract the ansi plugin manually
CallAnsiPlugin::Call "$pluginsdir\dumpstate" debug 2 stack1 "stack 2"


Written by Anders (For fun and profit?)

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