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Author: CoffeeMug (talk, contrib)

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Version: 16/Apr/2004.

This dll is a plugin for NSIS installation system and is designed to provide simple COM+ administration functions. The dll only allows creating and deleting applications and adding and removing components. It does not allow modification of application's properties as I didn't need this functionality for my installer. If anyone extends this dll with more functionality please email me at I'd love to hear of your extensions and/or improvements.

-- Carl Waldbieser 18 may 2006

I discovered some bugs in this plugin back in January. I also noticed that the case of the COM+ package name had to exactly match the call in the installer. I relaxed this requirement by implementing a case insensitive match. I hope this is useful, as this plugin helped me out very much! I have uploaded the edited project as

paul.lab 17 may 2007

There is an updated version that allows modification of application's properties as well as Username/pwd uploaded as (ro have a look in the forum) There is also a vb6 helper application included to return app properties from an already installed app to ease the install build process.

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