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Also see: Allow only one installer instance (uses System plug-in instead of a separate plug-in)


Version: 1.0.

This plug-in has ability to create a mutex (also called as a mutual exclusion), allowing the installer to restrict its number of instances allowed in the system.

How to use

CreateMutex::nsCreateMutex ["MutexName" ["OptionalParameter"]]
Pop "ResultVar"

Creates a mutex for the installer.
Specifies a mutex name. If it's "?", it returns instructions of how to use the plug-in.
Can specify one of the options below relating to the return value:
  • "1": Returns the Windows error code number if there is errors, or 0 otherwise.
  • "2": Returns the message "MUTEX_EXISTS" if there is errors, or "MUTEX_SET" otherwise.
  • "3": Returns the Windows error message for the operation.
Default is "2".
Variable where the result indicated by the parameter OptionalParameter is returned. If MutextName is "?", then the result returned is a blank value.

Versions History

1.0 - 02/Jan/2004
  • First version of the plug-in.


Plug-in created by billym.


Copyright (C) 2004 billym

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