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Author: Iceman_K (talk, contrib)

Script editor
Custom page editor



EclipseNSIS is a plugin for the Eclipse platform which enables editing, compiling and testing NSIS scripts.


  • Syntax highlighting editor, with customization.
  • Outline view for quick navigation.
  • Script Wizard for generating NSIS scripts. This includes support for templating.
  • Code template support with replaceable parameters for reusing common script fragments.
  • Integrated help, including quick and detailed hover help, as well as access to complete NSIS documentation.
  • Full support for compiling and testing scripts. Includes automatic generation of error and warning markers in scripts.
  • Support for NSIS script-based launch configurations and project builders.
  • Automatic generation of task markers (TODO items).
  • Integrated update support within Eclipse.
  • Integrated NSIS update support.
  • InstallOptions GUI designer.

Coming soon

  • Syntax checking.
  • Automatic discovery of macro and function definitions.

Read more at the home page.

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