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Author: sgiusto@mmpoint.it (talk, contrib)


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Version: 5th March 2007.
Supported on: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP.

The EventLog plugin for NSIS provides a function to write Events to the windows Event Log.


EventLog::WriteEventLog <server> <log> <type> <category> <message> <text>

Writes an event to the EventLog Returns 1 on failure, 0 on success

Network name of PC to write events to
Leave blank to write to local PC
Event log to write
Standard windows Event Logs are "System" and "Application"
but other can be defined by user. If specific event log
is not found "Application" will be used
Type of message to write
  • "0" - Information
  • "1" - Error
  • "2" - Warning
Event category. Can be any value and is specific to the event log currently written.
  • "0" - None
  • "1" - Devices
  • "2" - Disk
  • "3" - Printers
  • "4" - Services
  • "5" - Shell
  • "6" - System
  • "7" - Network
ID of the message to write. This id is specific to the event log currently written.
Message text to write to event log (up to 1024 bytes)

Usage Example

#Write an informational message in a Custom Event Log
EventLog::WriteEventLog '' 'EventLogTest' '0' '0' '1' 'Info'
pop $0
#Handle result


Written by Stefano Giusto [sgiusto@mmpoint.it]

Modified : add category's description by Ricardo Cardoso

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