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Author: sunjammer (talk, contrib)


Extractdll.zip (66 KB)


Version: 0.1.

Written by Tim Kosse aka CodeSquid this plugin can decompress files compressed with compressfile.exe.

The following is taken from the readme file in the ExtractDLL downloadable zip file:

What is this?

  ExtractDLL is a extension DLL for NSIS. It can decompress files 
  which were compressed with compressfile.exe before. It is especially
  useful in combination with NSISdl so that you don't have to 
  download large files uncompressed.


  Decompression (within NSIS script):
  - Push path and name of compressed file and then path and name of 
    destination file on top of the stack.
  - Call the function "extract" with CallInstDLL
  - On Success, the string "success" is on top of the stack, else an 
    error message.
  Compression (outside NSIS script or using !system):
  - Call CompressFile.exe with the name of the uncompressed file and 
    of the compressed file as parameters

Known limitations

  Only zlib compression at this time, bzip2 will follow later.
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