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FreeArc for NSIS.

Version: 1.0

This plugin provides basic FreeArc file archive extraction ability for NSIS scripts.

If you want to use this plug in you must compress your archive with FreeArc


Set target dir for FreeArc archive contents with SetOutPath, and call the plugin.


	SetOutPath "D:\TragetDir"   ;Target dir for extract.
	;The number after the archive name can be 1 or 0 
	;1 Display FreeArc DetailsPrint, 0 leave DetailsPrint to NSIS ( do nothing ). 
	FreeArc::ExtractFreeArcArchive /NOUNLOAD "$EXEDIR\archive.arc" 1 "Installing %s..." 
	Pop $R0 ; (Optional) returns 0 if success, non-zero value if fail.

The plugin will showing something like "Installing ..." with DetailsPrint, Use %s to insert extracting details like "(50 / 200 MB)"

Don't Delete the "Installing %s..." line, it wil raise an error,

If you want to hide DetailsPrint change the value (after archive name) from 1 to 0.

P.S The plugin will move progress bar during unpack operation, to keep user notified on setup progress.

Download (394 KB)


Based on FreeArc source code, © Copyright 2004–2010, Bulat Ziganshin

Contacts and Copyright

FreeArc Pluing for NSIS is written by Muhammad Khalifa

(Syrian Arab Republic)

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