How to turn a REBOL script into EXE

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Author: ReViewer (talk, contrib)


This is a sample of how to use NSIS to make a REBOL script executable on windows platform. Provided by DigicamSoft

The Script

; NULLsoft Scriptable Install System
; make a REBOL Script executable
; provided by
; Name of the installer (don't really care here because of silent below)
Name "Namexif"
; Don't want a window, just unpack files and execute
SilentInstall silent
; Set a name for the resulting executable
OutFile "Namexif.exe"
; Set an icon (optional)
Icon "namexif.ico"
; The stuff to install
Section ""
  ; Set output path to a temporary directory.
  ; put here requiered files
  File "rebview.exe" ; a REBOL interpreter
  File "Namexif.r"   ; put one or more REBOL script(s)
  ; Execute and wait for the REBOL script to end
  ExecWait '"$PLUGINSDIR\rebview.exe" "-s" "$PLUGINSDIR\Namexif.r"'
  ; Set working directory to something else
  ; If it's not set, $PLUGINSDIR will not be deleted
  SetOutPath $TEMP
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