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Author: deguix (talk, contrib)


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Version: 2.4.5 beta 3.

This plugin is an extension for the original InstallOptions plug-in you find with NSIS package. For those who want to have a more professional looking NSIS page. See a little bit of the feature list below to entertain yourself:

  • More controls: Animation, ProgressBar, TrackBar, IPAddress, DateTime, MonthCalendar, UpDown, TreeView, ListView, Image (based on already existing ones) and RichText.
  • Extended notification system which you can specify the types of notifications you want a control to support.
  • Supports setting colors and font for most of the controls. Alignment works for some controls.
  • Supports timeout, which makes the plugin to go to the validation function automatically after the specified time.
  • Normal and Balloon ToolTips with color change and a halfway multiline support.
  • Automatic detection of number of controls available in your INI page file.
  • Supports variables as a value for any value name, so you don't need anymore to write several times into an INI file.
  • Flags have been added, like of those Buttons with an image or icon, Checkboxes with "gray" state added...
  • ListBox controls have the multicolumn feature which makes each item to occupy less space of the control.
  • Height and Width value names, have a better organization of controls rectangles.
  • Button and Link controls have the old DirRequest and FileRequest controls abilities so that you can customize the control text and where the result will go of selecting a file or dir.

Documentation is available with the plugin DLL download.

Lastest Version Changes

After seven years since the last beta version, this is the new InstallOptionsEx version 2.4.5 beta 3.

A lot of bugs were fixed in this version.

Two versions of the plugin are available: an ANSI and an UNICODE.

Changes since version 2.4.5 beta 2:

A big thank to Tallmaris (Leandro Tramma) for the initial unicode compatibility.

  • Added: Full unicode support;
  • Added: make_unicode dll function for Unicode build: Convert an ANSI INI file to the UNICODE charset;
  • Applied patches from the original InstallOptions source repository.


Original IO version Copyright © 2001 Michael Bishop (locnar42)

IO DLL version 1 Copyright © 2001-2002 Nullsoft, Inc., ORTIM

IO DLL version 2 Copyright © 2003-2009 Amir Szekely (kichik), Joost Verburg, Dave Laundon (eccles)

IOEx DLL Copyright © 2004-2005 Diego Pedroso (deguix)

IOEx DLL (starting at v.2.4.5) Copyright © 2006-2016 SuperPat

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