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InvokeShellVerb Plugin for NSIS (2011-02-09)

This plugin can invoke a shell object verb's DoIt method.

Version: 1.0 (2011-02-09)

  • initial release


InvokeShellVerb::DoIt dir_path file_name resource_id
Pop $Var

Calls DoIt on a shell object's verb. The verb is identified by its label's string and the string used to compare is loaded from shell32.dll using the reource_id parameter so it will work with the OS's locale.


  • dir_path - the parent directory of the file that will have DoIt called on its verb.
  • file_name - the file name of the file that will have DoIt called on its verb.
  • reource_id - the resource id of the verb label's string used to identify the verb on the shell object.


  • 'success' if the calling DoIt on the verb succeeded.
  • 'method failed' if any of the COM calls fail.
  • 'invalid resource' if the resource id was not found in shell32.dll.
  • 'invalid directory' if the IShellDispatch NameSpace call failed.
  • 'invalid file' if the Folder ParseName call failed.
  • 'verb not found' if the verb was not found on the shell object.


See Examples\InvokeShellVerb\Example.nsi


  • Current Release: 2011-02-09 (10 KB) (Unicode and ANSI)


© 2011 Robert Strong

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