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Author: Instructor (talk, contrib)


Download v2.0:
Locate.zip (73 KB)

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  1. Search for directories or empty directories and/or files
    • search with wildcard
    • search with names filter (include/exclude)
    • search with extensions filter (include/exclude)
    • search with path filter
    • search with times filter
    • search with size filter
    • search with attributes filter
    • sort files and/or directories by name, type, size, date (with reverse or not)
    • output first files or directories
    • search with subdirectories or not
    • search with banner support
    • return path\name
    • return path
    • return name
    • return size of file
    • return date of file or directory
    • return attributes of file or directory
  2. Find the size of a file, files wildcard or directory (locate::GetSize)
  3. Find the sum of the files, directories and subdirectories (locate::GetSize)
  4. Remove empty directories and/or subdirectories (locate::RMDirEmpty)
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