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Author: Robstocks (talk, contrib)


Download v1.0:

NSISpcre.zip (99 KB)

There is also a version that has been compiled against a newer version of PCRE and supports unicode and x64 builds by Francimar Alves here. The downside of these builds is that they haven't been optimized for size - so they are much larger than the original version. You can use UPX to get them down to a reasonable size. This version seems to fix a bug in the original with handling large strings (>500 chars), which would cause the NSIS process to lock up.


A plugin providing Perl compatible regular expression functions.

A simple wrapper around the excellent PCRE library which was written by Philip Hazel, University of Cambridge.

For those that require documentation on how to construct regular expressions, please see www.pcre.org

See the NSISpcre.nsh file for full documentation on the available functions. See the NSISpcreTest.nsi file for some examples.


  • Test whether a subject string matches a pattern
  • Capture substrings
  • Perform complex replacements
  • Control matching options
  • Integration with LogicLib
  • Unicode UTF-8 support (untested)
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