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Author: Takhir (talk, contrib)


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NewAdvSplash.dll - startup image banner plug-in with fading effects (win2k/xp) and transparency. At the same time can play sound file. On the base of AdvSplash NSIS plug-in with following add-ons: allows background installer initialization (async-banner mode); gif, jpeg and some other OleLoadPicture() formats; "passive" mode - not forces spalsh window to foreground; can return splash HWND to work with other plug-ins (Marquee, AnimGif) in the async mode. Unicode version included. Compatibility: basic - Win95 and later, fadein/fadeout - win2k/winxp.


Unzip into your Program Files\NSIS directory.

Entry points and parameters (NSIS script)

newadvsplash::show [/NOUNLOAD] Delay FadeIn FadeOut KeyColor [/BANNER] [/PASSIVE] [/NOCANCEL] FileName
time (milliseconds) to show image
time to show the fadein scene
time to show the fadeout scene
color used for transparency, could be any RGB value (for ex. R=255 G=100 B=16 -> KeyColor=0xFF6410), use KeyColor=-1 if there is no transparent color at your image. If KeyColor=-2 and image type is gif, plug-in attempts to extract transparency color value from the file header. For gif images transparency on the static background works even if KeyColor=-1.
returns control to installer immediatelly after plug-in activation.
disables 'exit on user click' default behaviour.
does not force the splash window to the foreground
splash image filename (with extension!). Bmp, gif and jpg image types supported.

newadvsplash::stop [/WAIT | /FADEOUT]
For /BANNER mode only! Without options terminates banner.
With /WAIT option waits for the end.
With /FADEOUT option forces banner close with fade out effect ('Delay' -> 0).

newadvsplash::play /NOUNLOAD [/LOOP] FileName
sound filename to play (with extension, wav ...). Empty Filename string "" stops playing ('show' end does this as well).
loops sound.

Gets splash window handle (use Pop to take it from stack)


'Modeless' logo with sound

     newadvsplash::play /NOUNLOAD /LOOP "$PLUGINSDIR\snd.wav"
     newadvsplash::show /NOUNLOAD 2000 1000 500 -2 /BANNER "$PLUGINSDIR\logo.gif"
     ; add your initialization code here
     newadvsplash::stop /WAIT

Simple logo

     newadvsplash::show 2000 1000 500 -1 "$PLUGINSDIR\logo.jpg"

No return value.

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