NsRestartExplorer plug-in

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Author: sherpya (talk, contrib)


Main Page for the plugin
My Free software page
Sources on GitHub


Version: 1.4
Tested on: Windows 98SE, Windows XP, Windows XP 64bit, ANSI and UNICODE versions.

nsRestartExplorer plugin (and also standalone for rundll32) allows to stop, start and gracefully restart explorer. Useful to update shell extensions.

Usage Example

; call action timeout
; action can be quit start or restart
; timeout to wait for explorer action completion,
; infinite wait forever until explorer is ready
; ignore does not wait at all
; a number, milliseconds to wait
nsRestartExplorer::nsRestartExplorer restart infinite
;nsRestartExplorer::nsRestartExplorer start ignore
;nsRestartExplorer::nsRestartExplorer quit 1000
Pop $1
DetailPrint $1
returns OK or ERROR and error description


Written by Gianluigi Tiesi

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