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Author: Wizou (talk, contrib)


nsisStartMenu Plugin Homepage - Version 1.1


nsisStartMenu is a small NSIS plugin that will help you ensure a given order of shortcuts in Start Menu

You can typically use it to ensure that the shortcut for your main program executable appears first and the shortcut for the uninstaller appears last, in the folder you're creating under Windows' Start Menu


The following is taken from the readme file in the downloadable zip file:

nsisStartMenu::RegenerateFolder "<folder name>"

<folder name> is the name of your folder under the $SMPROGRAMS folder
	It should not contain the prefix $SMPROGRAMS\, but it can contain backslashes if
you're working on a subfolder

This will force an update of the state of the corresponding shell menu (just as if
the user has displayed the menu)
=> All deleted entries (since the last state of the menu) will be pruned from the
=> All new entries (since the last state of the menu) will be added at the end of
the menu in alphabetical order

Return Value

nsisStartMenu returns an integer status on the top of the stack
Possible status are:
	0:  Failure
	1:  Success


nsisStartMenu Plugin Homepage

ZIP archive contains the plug-in DLL, as well as documentation, sample script and a LIB file for C++ programmers

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