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Author: TrueparuEx (talk, contrib)


Nwizplugin.zip (73 KB)


This plug-in is made for the ckv Self-Extractor wizard. It uses makensis.exe to compile NSIS files and views the output in separate window and it also can unpack zip files. Since I doubt that nobody actually needs this kind of plugin, I separated the functions to different plugins.


The package contains three plug-ins. Nzwdll is the same plug-in what the wizard uses, Nmwdll can only compile NSIS files and Nzipdll is tune-up unzip plug-in. Screenshot

  • Unzip files and shows a small "banner" with progress bar, percentages or files extracted / total files text
  • Option to cancel unzip process (right click menu)
  • Compiles NSIS files by using makensis.exe
  • Shows a console window with makensis output
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