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Author: Takhir (talk, contrib)


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nxs.dll is NSIS plug-in, displaying banner with progress bar and Cancel button. Finally this is re-worked saivert' "NxS MSI LoaderDlg" plug-in with better stability.

Command line (NSIS script)

Plug-in entry points: Show, Update, Destroy, HasUserAborted, getWindow

Show DLL Function

nxs::Show /NOUNLOAD "Dialog caption" [/top "Top text"] [/sub "Sub text (more info)"]
                                     [/h 1] [/pos 43] [/max 100] [/can 1] [/marquee 50] [/end]
Sets the top text (to the right of the icon), 3 lines max.
Sets the subtext (above the progress bar control), 3 lines max.
Shows/hides taskbar' dialog button. Requires a number: 1 means hide. 0 means show.
Sets the progress bar position. From 0 to 100 or /max value.
Sets the number of steps the progress bar control has. Default value is 100.
Enables/disables Cancel button on dialog. Requires a number: 1 = enable, 0 = disable. Default is disabled.
Enables/disables marquee style and bar speed. 0 removes marquee style, >0 defines move intervals in ms (for ex. 50).
Stops stack reading. If not used, plug-in reads stack 'till the bottom' and uses last found string as the caption.

Update DLL Function

nxs::Update /NOUNLOAD [... any of CHANGED Show parameters ...]

Updates banner, supports any of Show parameters, but in most cases it is simpler - changed parameters only.

getWindow DLL Function

nxs::getWindow /NOUNLOAD

Returnes banner (dialog) window handle (HWND) use: Pop $0 ; $0 receives the handle. You don't need this in most cases :)

HasUserAborted DLL Function

nxs::HasUserAborted /NOUNLOAD

Checks if the Cancel button has been pressed, use: Pop $R0 ; $R0 value is "1" if user clicked Cancel or "0" (zero) otherwise.

Destroy DLL Function


Destroys the dialog.


Package includes few nsi scripts.

nxs::Show /NOUNLOAD `$(^Name) Setup` /top \
                    `Setup installing something$\r$\nPlease wait...` \
                     /sub `$\r$\n$\r$\n Preparing...` /h 0 /pos 0 \
                     /can 1 /end
; Add you initialization code here
nxs::Update /NOUNLOAD /sub "$\r$\n$\r$\n 50% complite" /pos 50 /end
; Add more code here


Many thanks to coauthors: saivert - base code. Instructor - idea to fix base code bugs :) ; all tests and included samples.

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