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A frontend written in NSIS to create installers for Winamp plugins

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You are creating AVS, MilkDrop or SPS presets for Winamp and look for a convenient way to create installers. The PimpBot Compiler offers a graphical user interface for the creation of NSIS installers. Create installers that automatically detect Winamp, aswell as the APEs your presets might need. Customize the appearance of your installer by changing its icons or by applying any Winamp 5 Classic Skin. Install fonts, point users to the website. All this without any knowledge of NSIS, it just takes a couple of mouse-clicks.

Advanced features

Apart from creating executable installers, PimpBot 3.x introduced the .pimp file format. It's basically a LZMA compressed archive containing a specific file structure and settings. It's both used as project file for later recompilation of an installer, aswell as an installer itself. The PimpBot Runtime will create an installer on runtime using a .pimp file. This makes an installer more transparent and comes at a much lower filesize.

Since the introduction of PimpBot 3.2, you can drag a folder containing your project files onto the PimpBot executable to quickly create installers. This requires certain conditions to be met, commonly referred to as sensible defaults. PimpBot will make the best possible guess of how you want your installer to act like. Naturally you can tweak these settings before compilation.


PimpBot Website
Google Code Project Page

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