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Author: Spaceblue (talk, contrib)

Venis IX 2.2.5 AVAILABLE

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About Venis IX

Venis IX is a freeware, full featured NSIS script editor.

What's new

  • Complete Functions plate, simply drag and drop the function into your code and a Functions Wizard helps you.
  • Special 'File' Functions Wizard lets you add multiple files or directories with wildcards.
    • Improved Functions/Sections view, dramatically faster.
    • Folding added for SectionGroup, PageEx and !else.
    • Comment styling for /* */.
    • Modern UI variables (If you previously installed Venis, please go into the preferences and click 'Default' to reset this color).
  • Compile then run icon added to toolbar.
  • Run NSISUpdate.exe from Venis.
  • Notification when script modified from external editor.

Other Features Include

  • Script Wizard with classic and modern Interface options.
  • NSIS and Venis Check for Updates utility.
  • Faster compiling results.
  • Functions plate with Drag and Drop function Wizards. Simply drag and drop the function from the functions list and drop into your code. A wizard appears to assist you with the function arguments.
  • Load and Save open file sessions support.
  • Reload last opened files support.
  • F1 help with chm support. Will open the nsis.chm based on the line you are on.
  • Enhance some editor features including Find/replace, folding of only Functions and Sections, and more!
  • Fix uninstall ordering of RMDir generation in Wizard. Will now remove directories in the correct order.
  • Added option to not set the branding text with the default branding text in preferences if already set in code.
  • Multiple document interface.
  • 9 file document history.
  • Syntax highlighting of key words.
  • Compiler output view.
  • File tools (save, save all, open, close, close all).
  • Edit tools (copy, paste, cut, select all, find, replace, goto).
  • Drag and drop nsi/nsh files to rapidly open.
  • Compiler execution and final program execution for testing.
  • Expand/collapsible "folding" code (Function, Section, SubSection, !ifdef and !macro)
  • API Function Call Tips.
  • Printing and print preview support
  • Advanced syntax coloring, example: Vars in strings are in red.
  • Enhanced editor options
  • Export code as HTML.
  • And more!


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Thanks! Angelo

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